Open letter to the SWP

This letter has been sent to the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party and other party members.

The ongoing crisis in the Socialist Workers’ Party – precipitated by
the handling of rape allegations against a senior party member – has
raised fundamental questions about democracy, power and sexism in the
organisations and culture of the left. We believe that the way in
which the central committee of the SWP has handled the situation, and
its lack of a reasonable response to the legitimate protests voiced by
many of its own members, as well as others on the left, point to
issues that cannot simply be swept under the rug.

We have all previously participated in events and initiatives promoted
by the SWP, including the annual Marxism festival, or written for its
publications. We continue to value the commitment and work of many SWP
members as trades unionists, activists and comrades. Nonetheless, we can no
longer in good conscience participate in SWP publications and platforms
until the party recognises and seriously addresses the legitimate
criticisms of its handling of this case and the ensuing crisis.

Greg Albo, Abbie Bakan, Jairus Banaji, Matthew Beaumont, Nicholas Blincoe, Robert Brenner, Sheila Cohen, Gail Day, Steve Edwards, Nadine El-Enany, Samuel Farber, Phil Gasper, Peter Hallward, Adam Hanieh, Owen Hatherley, Sarah Irving, Owen Jones, Paul Kellogg, Brian Kelly, Conor Kostick, Robert Knox, David McNally, Kim Moody, Adam Morton, Kevin Murphy, Alf Gunvald Nilsen, Ilan Pappé, Laurie Penny, Charles Post, Nina Power, Gregory Schwartz, Julian Stallabrass, Peter Thomas, Alberto Toscano, Daniel Trilling, Thomas Walpole, Jeffery Webber, Rafeef Ziadah

If you have previously participated in events and initiatives promoted
by the SWP, and would like to add your signature, please email Comments to this post are closed.

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